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The previous post was on Sashiko which means "little stabs" traditionally using white thread on indigo.

The boro technique uses rags or tattered cloth. These textiles are used to patch garments over and over. We see this technique used to add interest to jeans with or without rips.

I will be showing a look from my Japanese collection that was not in the New Orleans show. The kimono is patched "Boro" style and stitched down in white. It was fun but I'm constantly trimming it. I have also patched a pair of drop crotch jeans from denim shirts. I tried using cutup jeans but they are too hard to hand-stitch through. I'm also showing a sashiko accented saddle bag that would hold an ipad and sketchbook. Its basically a rectangle with pockets attached to each end with a casing running through the middle for ties.

To continue my re-cycling theme the reveal look under the kimono features a t-shirt that I cut off the top and hemmed then used the scraps for shoulder straps. I did a high-low hem to add extra interest. The slouchy pants came from a Pinterest post that shows this as pants then flips to become a tunic. I used scraps from other projects to create the fabric for this piece.

I don't know if I have introduced Lizzie to you. She is my studio model. She has a tendency to be a little stiff since she is made of metal, but this gives her a very magnetic personality....ha! I love working with her however....she agrees with everything that I do. A great partner. As you can tell she is practicing social distancing procedures. She is staying isolated upstairs in my studio area and wears a mask in support.

This is the Boro Kimono. I patched it onto a base then stitched down patches, basting first. I stitched (stab) white thread in the sashiko method.

This is my Sashiko embellished saddlebag tote.

This shows my re-cycled projects: Peace t-shirt, patched tunic/slouchy pants, and slouchy boro patched and stitched jeans.

Get out some stuff and get busy. Post your projects on this site. I would love to see what you have going on.

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