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This post is about one of my favorite styles of stitching...Sashiko. It is a Japanese style of stitching that both can embellish and mend garments. A heavier thread is required so that the stitches are visible. The pattern is stitched in channels that can swirl to create a geometric design. The rhythm of the stitching is very therapeutic.

You start with a line and then repeat in parallel lines. This style of stitching has resurfaced now as "slow stitching". Its selling point is that its easy, inexpensive and can be done on anything.

Jeans are the perfect surface for this. In a way it creates a light, spring look with the raised design. White or off-white is the usual color used in this style of stitching but any color will work.

Take something that you don't wear often or want to update and start stitching. In the gallery you will see a pair of cropped jeans that I embellished. The top I bought at Goodwill. The decorative stitching reflected this style of stitching, Machine stitching using a heavy thread with a repeat pattern reflects this technique.

The stitch itself is very simple: a simple in and out of the needle creates this stitch. Example:

- - - - - - - I usually do it 1/4" apart.

Front and back view of jeans

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Penny Hardey
Penny Hardey
01 abr 2020

Love this Ann! Im going to do something tomorrow. Love your site too:)

Me gusta
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