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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Hi, I'm Ann Chandler

The name of my blog is RePsyched/ReCycled. It is my psychological path to create new designs using the many items that I have collected thrifting and leftovers from projects that I will not throw away. I'm a stasher of anything with potential. In other words I have a problem of letting go of stuff. As a designer: fashion, accessories and jewelry, quilter, artist, teacher and writer I have been wanting to create a blog to document my projects and to offer suggestions to others on how to rethink projects. This is my way of working through my stash of interesting stuff.

My website includes my fashion collections, store, and teaching information. This is the perfect addition for my website. I hope to post on a regular basis, once a week is my goal. You see I have many projects that I need to address. Sharing ideas is one of my favorite activities. I'm a big Pinterest fan and gather many ideas adding to them my techniques. Hope that you will try some of them.

On Facebook this week I saw a quote that totally parallels what I want my blog to be about. Vogue post: " In the next decade, designers and consumers will need to radically shift their perspectives on value and commit to a circular economy based on recycling, upcycling, and repurposing what already exists."


My first series of recycled projects will be denim related. The first project is my Day of the Dead recycled jeans. I'm still adding stuff to these jeans. I used a mixed media of techniques including: applique, embroidery, crochet and sequin application. Below is a gallery of my techniques.

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